Can I Carry Liquids in Hold Luggage on EasyJet Flights?

What is EasyJet’s policy on liquids in hold luggage?

EasyJet allows passengers to carry liquids in their hold luggage without a clear limit. However, certain restrictions apply for carrying liquids in cabin baggage.

Can I pack my shampoo in my hold luggage on an easyJet flight?

Yes, you can pack your shampoo in your hold luggage. There is no restriction on the volume of the liquids in the hold luggage.

Are there any restrictions on the type of liquids allowed in hold luggage?

No, there are generally no restrictions on the type of liquids that can be taken in hold luggage, unless they are related to hazardous goods.

Do I have to declare liquids in my hold baggage at check-in?

No, you don’t need to declare liquids in your hold baggage at check-in on easyJet flights, unless they are deemed hazardous or unsafe.

Is it safe to pack perfumes in hold luggage?

Yes, it’s safe to pack perfumes in hold luggage. Be sure to pack it carefully to avoid any breakage during the flight.

Can I take a bottle of wine in my hold luggage?

Yes, passengers are allowed to carry bottles of wine in their hold luggage with no specific restriction on volume.

Do duty-free liquids count towards my hold luggage liquid limit?

No, duty-free liquids do not count towards the liquid limit as they are sealed and purchased after passing security checks.

What about creams and gels in hold luggage?

Creams and gels are treated as liquids and can be carried in hold luggage without any volume restrictions.

How should I pack liquid toiletries in my hold baggage?

It’s suggested to pack liquid toiletries in sealed plastic bags or containers to prevent leakage. Also, wrapping them in clothes adds an extra layer of safety.

Are baby milk and foods allowed in hold luggage?

Yes, baby milk and foods are permitted in hold luggage without any restrictions.

Can I carry prescription medications in liquid form in my hold luggage?

Yes, prescription medications are allowed in hold luggage but carry a medical certificate if possible to avoid potential issues.

Can I take cleaning products in my hold luggage?

While there is no specific prohibition, it’s better to check with the airline before taking cleaning products in hold luggage as they may be considered hazardous.

Can makeup in liquid form be placed in hold luggage?

Yes, makeup including those in liquid form can be packed in hold luggage without any restrictions on volume.

How about flight specific restrictions regarding liquids in hold baggages?

While easyJet doesn’t impose specific restrictions, certain destination countries may have their own rules about liquids in hold luggage. Make sure to check before flying.

How can I pack liquid souvenirs in my hold luggage safely?

Pack liquid souvenirs carefully with clothes or bubble wrap and place them in a sealed bag to avoid leakage.

Can I carry canned goods in hold luggage?

Yes, canned goods including those in liquid form like soups or sauces are generally allowed in hold luggage.

Can I take ink or paint in my hold luggage?

Yes, you can take ink or paint in your hold luggage, but packaging should be sturdy to prevent leakage.

Are there any weight restrictions for liquids in hold luggage?

While there are no specific weight restrictions for liquids, do remember that easyJet has an overall weight limit for hold luggage that should not be exceeded.

Can I carry bottled water in my hold luggage?

Yes, bottled water can be carried in hold luggage without restriction on volume.

Can I take alcoholic beverages in my hold luggage?

Yes, you can take alcoholic beverages in your hold luggage. However, be aware of the import regulations of your destination country.</

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