We’ve all been there. Starting uni years. Being a fresher comes with mixed feelings. Excitement, happiness, fear, and anxiety, all blended in a perfect swirl of emotions. With these 10 tips, though, you can focus more on the former two while warding off any stress and anxiety. Check them out below.

1. Get Your Student Bank Account Sorted

The first thing you’re going to need on this journey is your student bank account. Sort it out early, and preferably before arriving. Use comparison sites and check out our student bank account tips to get the best possible deals.

2. Check Your Email Regularly

Your university will send you a lot of welcome and fresher emails with info, advice, and guidance. Check them out to find about meetings, support groups, and other interesting stuff the university might organize.

3. Save In Advance

Keep in mind that the first weeks of uni come with a lot of expenses. You’ll have to buy textbooks, invest in stationery, eat, and go out for a drink to meet your new class or flatmates. Don’t rely on your student loan, account overdraft, or a credit card. Save in advance, so you can start this adventure in the best possible way.

4. Don’t Be Too Shy

Sometimes, starting uni means starting building friendships all over again. So, don’t be too shy. Join group discussions and try to make friends as quickly as possible, or you might be left out.

5. Sort Out The Administrative Bits

If you decided to share private accommodation, make sure you sort out all administrative bits as quickly as possible. Apply for council tax student exemption, sort your TV licence or bills if needed, and take care of anything else that might mean paperwork.

6. Join UniDAYS

UniDAYS, alongside Student Beans, is a website that gives you access to a wealth of interesting deals and discounts at various online and physical stores. You can also get cheaper tickets to events, and also access a variety of other perks.

7. Arrive Quickly As Soon As You Can Occupy Your Hall of Residence

If you live in a hall of residence, make sure to arrive as soon as you can to occupy it. Groups and friendships form quickly on these early stages, and you might lose the most interesting bits if you arrive late.

8. Get To Know Your Surroundings

Take a walk around your hall of residence, check out the neighbourhood, and learn where is the closest bus stop. Knowing your surroundings will make you feel more confident and will minimise homesickness.

9. Go To The Fresher’s Fair

Most universities organise fresher’s fairs where you can find out what societies or clubs you can join.

10. Discuss Flat’s Policies Early On

Regardless of where you live, establish a household policy with your mates as soon as you move in. Discuss important stuff such as cleaning, whether you should share food or not, and laundry schedules to avoid issues later on.