Can I Take a Handbag, as Well as Hand Luggage, on an EasyJet Flight?

Can I Take a Handbag as Well as Hand Luggage on an EasyJet Flight?

Definitely you can. EasyJet allows one cabin bag on board per passenger. However, the rules about handbags and other extra items differ depending on the ticket type you have purchased.

Does EasyJet’s Cabin Bag Rule Include a Handbag?

Yes, the one cabin bag rule includes a handbag. If you bring a handbag, it needs to fit within the parameters of your cabin bag.

Can I Take Both a Handbag and a Piece of Hand Luggage if I’m an EasyJet Plus Card Holder?

If you’re an EasyJet Plus cardholder, Flexi fare holder, Up front or Extra legroom customer, you can bring an additional under seat bag such as a laptop bag or a handbag.

What’s the Size Allowance for a Handbag on an EasyJet Flight?

The maximum size for the main cabin bag is 56x45x25cm, including handles and wheels, and it should fit in the overhead locker. A second “under seat bag” like your handbag can be up to a maximum size of 45x36x20cm.

Does a Handbag Count as Personal Item on EasyJet?

If you’re allowed a second bag, such as EasyJet Plus customers, this bag is considered as a personal item and should be placed under the seat in front of you.

Are There Any Exceptions to the Single Bag Rule?

Yes, members of the EasyJet Plus, and customers who bought the Flexi fare, Up front or Extra legroom allowances can all carry an additional under seat bag.

What Happens if my Handbag Does not Fit Under the Seat?

If your handbag does not fit under the seat, it may have to be put in the hold and you might be charged a fee.

Can I Bring a Duty Free Shopping Bag Along with my Hand Luggage and Handbag?

Yes, you can bring a shopping bag from the airport’s duty-free, along with your hand luggage and handbag without any additional charge.

Are Backpacks Considered Hand Luggage on EasyJet?

Yes, backpacks are considered as hand luggage on EasyJet. They must adhere to the size restrictions of the cabin bag, which is 56x45x25cm.

Can I Swap my Handbag for a Laptop Bag on an EasyJet Flight?

Yes, if laptop bag complies with the maximum dimensions of 45x36x20cm, you can carry it as an additional under seat bag instead of your handbag if you qualify for a second bag.

Do Babies Get Hand Luggage Allowance on EasyJet?

Yes, you can take two items for free for children under two, which could be a baby bag, travel cot, pushchair etc.

What Happens if I Have Excess Hand Luggage?

Excess hand luggage that cannot fit under the seat or in the overhead locker will be placed in the hold. You might be charged an additional fee depending on your circumstances.

Can I Increase my Hand Luggage Allowance on EasyJet?

Yes, joining the EasyJet Plus or purchasing extra legroom or upfront extras increase your cabin baggage allowance.

What Happens if I’m Not Allowed a Handbag and I Bring One Nonetheless?

If you are not entitled to bring a handbag and you bring one, it will need to fit into your main cabin bag, or you may incur a hold luggage fee.

Is There any Weight Limit for Hand Luggage on EasyJet?

There is no weight limit for hand luggage on EasyJet as long as you can lift the bag into the overhead locker.

Are There Any Requirements for Packing Liquids in my Handbag?

Yes, any liquids in your handbag must be in a container no larger than 100ml. These containers should be in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag of up to 20x20cm.

Can I Bring Prescription Medication in my Hand Luggage or Handbag on EasyJet?

Prescription medications are allowed in cabin baggage. You just need to have necessary documents to prove their necessity.

What Other Items are Allowed in my Hand Luggage or Handbag?

Items like laptops, tablets, phones and e-readers are allowed as well as reading materials, food from home and headphones.

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