Can NHS Staff Get a Bookers Card?

What is a Bookers Card?

A Bookers Card is a membership card for Booker Wholesale, a leading wholesaler in the UK. It allows the cardholder to shop at Booker’s physical locations and online for a wide range of goods, often at wholesale prices.

Who is Eligible for a Bookers Card?

Eligibility for a Bookers Card is usually limited to businesses, including self-employed individuals, and certain professions. However, it’s not available to the general public.

Can NHS Staff Get a Bookers Card?

Yes, NHS staff can apply for a Bookers Card. NHS staff can fill out an application form and provide proof of employment to be eligible.

What are the Benefits for NHS Staff with a Bookers Card?

NHS staff with a Bookers Card can enjoy a wide range of products at wholesale prices. This can be beneficial for group purchases or departmental needs.

What Proof is Needed for NHS Staff to Get a Bookers Card?

Usually, a proof of employment with the NHS such as an NHS ID or a letter from their employer is needed. Additionally, proof of address may also be required.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Bookers Card?

Once the application is completed and the necessary proofs have been verified, the card is usually issued within a few weeks.

Is There a Fee to Get a Bookers Card?

There is no fee involved in obtaining a Bookers Card. It’s completely free to apply and get the card.

Can NHS staff use the Bookers Card at any Booker Wholesale?

Yes, the Bookers Card can be used at any Booker Wholesale location across the UK and online.

What Items can be Purchased with a Bookers Card?

With a Bookers Card, NHS staff can purchase a variety of items ranging from groceries, household items, office supplies and many more at wholesale prices.

Can the Bookers Card be Shared with Family or Friends?

As per Booker’s policy, the card is given to the individual or company that it’s issued to and should not be shared with others.

Is there a Limit to the Amount that can be Purchased with a Bookers Card?

There are no set purchase limits for Bookers Card holders. However, purchases are expected to be for professional use.

Can the Bookers Card be Used Online?

Yes, a Bookers Card can be used to make purchases on the Booker Wholesale online platform as well.

Do Bookers Offer any Exclusive Deals for NHS Staff?

While Booker Wholesale may offer occasional promotional deals or discounts, there are no specific deals exclusive to NHS staff.

What Happens if the Bookers Card is Lost or Stolen?

If the Bookers Card is lost or stolen, the card holder should immediately contact Booker Wholesale to report the incident and get a new card issued.

Can a Bookers Card Holder Update their Details?

Yes, if any changes occur such as an address change or name change, the card holder must inform Booker Wholesale to update their records.

What is Booker’s Privacy Policy with the Data Provided?

Booker Wholesale is committed to protecting the privacy and data of its members. They have a strict privacy policy and comply with all relevant data protection laws.

Does the Bookers Card Expire?

The Bookers Card does not have an expiration date. It will remain valid as long as the card holder is eligible.

Can an NHS Staff Member Cancel/Deactivate Their Bookers Card?

Yes, if an NHS staff member no longer wishes to use their Bookers Card, they can contact Booker Wholesale to cancel or deactivate the card.

Are there any Restrictions with the Use of the Bookers Card?

The card should

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