Does National Express Have Toilets?

What is National Express?

National Express is a British-based intercity and international coach operator that provides services across Europe. They are widely known for their affordable, reliable, and convenient transportation.

Does National Express have toilets?

Yes, all National Express coaches are fitted with a toilet on board for the comfort and convenience of passengers during long-distance journeys.

Are the toilets on board National Express coaches kept clean and functional?

Yes, National Express prides itself on the clean and functional state of its on-board toilets. They are cleaned and checked for functionality regularly.

What amenities come along with the toilets on a National Express coach?

Apart from a standard, well-maintained toilet, National Express coaches also provide hand wash facilities.

Is there a charge for using the toilet on a National Express coach?

No, using the toilet on a National Express coach is free of charge for passengers.

What happens if the toilet on a National Express coach is not functioning properly?

If a toilet is not functioning, the driver is responsible for notifying passengers, and will make additional rest stops where necessary.

How do I find the toilet on a National Express coach?

Toilets are typically located at the back of the coach, but if you are having trouble locating it, you can always ask a staff member for assistance.

Can I request a seat near the toilet on a National Express coach?

While you can select your seat when you purchase your ticket, availability near the toilet depends on the coach and the demand for those seats on your specific journey.

Are there facilities for baby changing on a National Express coach?

Currently, National Express coaches do not provide baby changing facilities onboard.

Can someone assist me if I need help using the toilet on a National Express coach?

Drivers and staff on National Express coaches strive to provide assistance where possible, but it is advisable that passengers needing special assistance travel with a companion who can assist them as necessary, including with toilet facilities.

Do the toilets flush like regular toilets?

Yes, the toilets on National Express coaches have a flush system just like you would find in a regular restroom.

Is there running water in the toilets?

Mostly yes. But to ensure hygiene and to counter the limited availability of water during long journeys, many coaches use hand sanitizers instead of regular running water.

Are there toilets on National Express buses too?

Yes. Most long-haul National Express buses are also equipped with a toilet at the rear of the vehicle for passengers’ convenience.

Are there rules for using the toilets on National Express coaches?

Yes, passengers are requested to leave the toilet in the manner they would wish to find it. Basic cleanliness and etiquette are to be maintained at all times.

What happens if the toilet becomes unusable during a journey?

In the unlikely event that a toilet becomes unusable during a journey, passengers should inform the coach driver immediately. Alternate arrangements will be made if possible.

Are there toilets on all National Express services?

Yes, all National Express intercity and long-haul coaches possess toilets for passenger comfort.

Can young children use the toilets on National Express coaches?

Yes, young children can use the toilets. However, due to the motion of the coach, it’s advisable for young children to be accompanied by an adult for safety reasons.

Are National Express on-board toilets accessible for people with mobility issues?

As much as possible, National Express tries to make their services accessible. However, due to the compact nature of the toilet facilities, people with certain mobility issues may face difficulties.

Can I use the toilet while the coach is moving?

Yes, the toilets in National Express coaches can be used whilst the coach is moving. However, due to the movement of the vehicle, passengers are advised to use the toilet while the coach is stationary if possible.

What should I do if the toilet on a National Express coach does not have any toilet paper?

If you happened to encounter this, you should immediately notify the driver or any available staff member to address the issue swiftly.


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