Does Virgin Active offer NHS Discount?

Does Virgin Active offer NHS Discount?

Virgin Active no longer offers NHS discount with the end of their NHS Partners scheme. However, the gym is known for its various promotional offers and deals throughout the year, which may cater to the likes of NHS employees.

What was the previous NHS discount Virgin Active offered?

At one point, Virgin Active was a part of the NHS Partners scheme which allowed NHS staff a discounted membership fee. The discount varied from year to year, and from location to location.

Are there alternatives to the Virgin Active NHS Discount?

Although Virgin Active no longer officially offers NHS discount, there are alternative ways to receive beneficial prices. These include negotiating your membership fee, buying a membership during a promotional period, or utilising workplace benefits.

How could NHS staff negotiate a reduced price?

NHS staff members could potentially negotiate their Virgin Active membership fee directly with the gym. Remember that negotiation always depends on the discretion of the individual gym, and there is no guarantee of a discount.

Are there certain times when Virgin Active might offer promotional deals?

Virgin Active often runs promotional offers across its gyms at certain times of the year, particularly New Year, when many people are looking to join a gym, and sometimes during the summer months.

Are there workplace benefits that could be used for a Virgin Active discount?

Some workplaces offer benefits to employees that include discounted gym memberships. It’s always worth checking with your HR department if there’s an employee benefits scheme in place.

Does Virgin Active offer discounts for other public service employees?

In the past, Virgin Active offered discounts not only to NHS employees but also to other public service employees such as teachers and police officers. Currently, such discounts have been discontinued until further notice.

Does Virgin Active offer student discounts?

Yes, Virgin Active does offer a student discount. This typically involves a reduced monthly membership fee or a percentage discount off the regular price.

Could NHS employees make use of the Virgin Active student discount?

This would depend if the NHS employee was also studying part or full time at a recognised UK institute. If they meet this criterion, and can provide valid student identification, they may be eligible for the student discount.

Why did Virgin Active stop offering the NHS discount?

Many companies review their discount policies on a regular basis, and they may stop, start or discontinue such schemes based on their own internal criteria.

Steve Jones
Steve Jones

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