Exploring TUI Premium Seats: Answering 20 Key Questions

What Makes TUI Premium Seats Special?

TUI premium seats offer an upgraded flight experience with more legroom, a greater recline, and additional services. You get to enjoy priority check-in and boarding, a superior meal service, and entertainment system.

How Much More Legroom Do TUI Premium Seats Provide?

TUI premium seats provide approximately 38 inches of legroom, giving passengers a more comfortable flight experience, especially for those long haul flights.

What is the Recline Like on TUI Premium Seats?

The recline on TUI premium seats is greater than in economy class. This feature allows passengers to relax and even sleep more comfortably during the flight.

Do TUI Premium Seats Come With In-Flight Entertainment?

Yes, in-flight entertainment is provided in TUI’s premium seating. This includes a wider selection of movies, TV shows, and music channels.

How Does Priority Check-In Work For TUI Premium Seat Passengers?

Passengers who opt for TUI premium seats are given priority when checking in. This means they can avoid long queues and have more time before their flight.

Do TUI Premium Seats Include Priority Boarding?

Yes, purchasing a TUI premium seat automatically comes with the perk of priority boarding. This means you can board the plane ahead of other passengers and settle into your seat with ease.

How Does Meal Service Differ in TUI Premium Seats?

TUI premium seat passengers enjoy a superior meal service. This includes a complimentary drink on boarding, a four-course meal, and the option to choose from a selection of wines, beers, and soft drinks.

Can I Choose My Own TUI Premium Seat?

Yes, TUI premium seat passengers can choose their preferred seat at the time of booking their ticket.

Are TUI Premium Seats Available on All Flights?

TUI premium seats are available on selected flights. It would be best to check the availability of premium seats while booking your ticket.

Do TUI Premium Seats Provide More Privacy?

TUI premium seats generally offer more privacy than standard seats. They are usually placed at the front of the cabin or in small separate sections which reduces the density of passengers around you.

Are TUI Premium Seats Worth the Extra Cost?

While it depends on the individual’s preference, the added benefits such as extra legroom, greater recline, priority check-in and boarding, superior meal services, and in-flight entertainment often make TUI premium seats worth the additional cost for many passengers.

Are Drinks Included with TUI Premium Seats?

Yes, TUI premium seats come with complimentary drinks service. Passengers can enjoy a selection of wines, beers, and soft drinks.

What is the Baggage Allowance for TUI Premium Seat Passengers?

TUI premium seat passengers are allocated a generous baggage allowance. It includes two bags in the hold and one cabin bag.

Do TUI Premium Seats Come with a Blanket and Pillow?

Yes, for increased comfort during the flight, TUI offers a blanket and pillow to all passengers in its Premium Cabin.

Do TUI Premium Seats Come with Noise-Canceling Headphones?

Yes, on certain flights, TUI provides its premium seat passengers with noise-canceling headphones for a better in-flight entertainment experience.

Is the TUI Premium Seat Service Available on Short Haul Flights?

The TUI premium seat service is mainly provided on long haul flights. It’s suggested to check the availability while booking short haul flights.

Are Children Allowed in TUI Premium Seats?

Yes, children can travel in TUI premium seats. However, passengers should take into account that the premium prices apply to all travelers regardless of age.

How Far in Advance Can I Book TUI Premium Seats?

You can book TUI premium seats anytime from the moment you purchase your flight ticket until five days before your departure.

Can I Upgrade to TUI Premium Seats After My Initial Booking?

Yes, you can upgrade to a TUI premium seat after your initial booking, subject to availability.

Do TUI Premium Seats Include Extra Services at the Airport?

TUI doesn’t offer extra services at the airport like lounge access for premium passengers. However, you do receive benefits like priority check-in and boarding.

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