How Can I Cancel My National Trust Membership?

What is National Trust Membership?

The National Trust is a British conservation organization that works to preserve and protect historic houses, gardens, mills, coastline, forests, woodlands, fens, beaches, farmland, moorland, and much more. By becoming a member, you’re supporting these cause while also enjoying unlimited access to their places.

Why Might I Want to Cancel my National Trust Membership?

There may be several reasons why someone may wish to cancel their membership – financial constraints, lack of interest, lack of usage, disagreement with organizational policies, or simply moving out of the country.

How Can I Cancel My National Trust Membership?

You can cancel your membership by phoning the National Trust’s Membership Department.

Is There a Specific Time I Need to Call to Cancel My National Trust Membership?

Yes, the Membership Department is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm, and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

Can I Cancel My Membership Online?

No, the National Trust does not currently offer an option to cancel your membership online. The only way to cancel is by phone or by post.

If I Cancel my Membership, Will I Get a Refund?

The National Trust does not typically offer refunds for cancelled memberships. However, it’s best to discuss this with the membership department.

How Long Does the Cancellation Process Take?

By phone, the process is instant. If by post, it will depend on the speed of the postal service.

Why isn’t There an Online Cancellation Option For National Trust Membership?

The National Trust likely prefers to handle cancellations personally to ensure the process goes smoothly and to discuss any potential issues with the member directly.

Will My Recurring Payments Stop Automatically After Cancelling My Membership?

Yes, once your membership has been cancelled, your direct debit or continuous card authority will be cancelled.

Can I Transfer my National Trust Membership to Someone Else Instead of Cancelling It?

No, memberships are strictly non-transferable.

Can I Resume my National Trust Membership After Cancelling It?

Yes, you can join again anytime after cancelling.

Is There a Cooling-Off Period After I Join National Trust?

Yes, you have 14 days from the start of your membership to change your mind and receive a full refund.

Can I Cancel my National Trust Membership if I Have a Joint Membership?

Yes, joint memberships can be cancelled, but it will apply to both members.

Will I Be Able to Visit National Trust Sites After I Cancel My Membership?

After your membership has been cancelled, visiting the sites will require a standard admission fee.

If I Signed Up For a Life Membership, Can I Cancel It?

The terms for cancelling a life membership may differ so you would need to contact the customer service team for clarification.

I Got My National Trust Membership as a Gift. Can I Cancel It?

Gift memberships are non-refundable so they cannot be cancelled in exchange for cash.

Are There Any Penalties for Cancelling My National Trust Membership?

No, there are no financial penalties for cancelling your membership.

Can I Cancel My Membership If I’m in the Middle of a Promotional or Discounted Offer?

Certainly, you can cancel at any time and there’s no penalty for cancelling during a promotional offer.

Can I Cancel My Membership Temporarily and Resume Later?

The National Trust does not offer temporary suspensions of memberships, but you can cancel and rejoin later.

What is National Trust’s Cancellation Policy?

The National Trust allows any member to cancel at any point during their membership. As mentioned, a refund is not typically provided unless you are within the cooling-off period. Always check the most recent policy on their official site.

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