How Do The Queen’s Guards Go To The Toilet?

What is the Regiment of the Queen’s Guards?

The Queen’s Guard is a name given to the contingent of infantry responsible for guarding the official royal residences in the United Kingdom. They are mostly soldiers from a regiment of the British Army known as the Household Division.

What Do The Queen’s Guards Do?

The primary purpose of the Queen’s Guard is to protect the Queen and the royal palaces. They ordinarily work in shifts, standing guard without moving for two hours at a time.

How Long Do The Guards Stand for?

A typical shift for a Queen’s Guard runs two hours at a time, with a break in between shifts that ranges between four to eight hours.

Can The Queen’s Guards Go To Toilet When On Duty?

No, the Queen’s Guard cannot leave their post to go to the toilet. They must remain absolutely still and cannot move, regardless of the situation.

How Do The Guards Cope With Nature’s Call?

Before starting their shift, the Queen’s Guards are strongly encouraged to go to the toilet and thoroughly hydrate. If nature calls during a shift, the guards are trained to continue standing still.

What Happens If a Guard Really Needs to Go?

In extreme cases where the guard cannot possibly wait any longer, they can do it on the spot. Their heavy woolen trousers are sufficiently dark and thick to cover the unsightly mess.

Are there any Health Risks Associated With Holding In Urine?

Yes, holding in urine for an extended period of time can lead to urinary tract infections and kidney problems. That’s why the guards are strongly encouraged to take care of their needs prior to their shift.

Do The Guards Get any Breaks?

Yes, after two hours, a new set of guards takes over and the previous set of guards gets a break. The breaks are usually four to eight hours long.

What Does a Guard Do During Their Break?

During their breaks, the guards would use the toilet, eat, rest, and prepare themselves for the next two-hour shift.

What Is The Protocol If A Guard Falls Ill?

If a guard suddenly falls ill or is unable to continue with their duties, a superior officer is notified who then takes appropriate measures to ensure the guard is relieved and receives appropriate medical attention.

Are The Queen’s Guards Allowed To Sit?

No, the Queen’s Guards are not allowed to sit or lean on anything while on duty. They are expected to stand still in their position.

What Are Some Other Challenges The Guards Face?

In addition to the bathroom issue, the Queen’s Guards have to master standing still for hours, often enduring extreme temperatures and being interrupted by tourists trying to distract them.

Can The Queen’s Guards Ignore Distractions?

Yes, part of their training involves being able to ignore any distractions and maintain their stern demeanor at all times. However, they are allowed to move in order to manage threatening situations.

How Do The Queen’s Guards Stay Hydrated?

The guards hydrate before their shift starts. Due to the nature of their duties, they would not be able to drink water during their shift.

Can The Queen’s Guards Take a Vacation?

Yes, just like any other military personnel, the Queen’s Guards receive annual leave. However, when on duty, they are expected to adhere to the strict protocols of their position.

Do The Queen’s Guards Get Any Days Off?

Yes, the Queen’s Guards receive days off, usually in rotation. The scheduling is handled by their Regimental Adjutant.

How Do The Queen’s Guards Handle Rainy Days?

The Queen’s Guards are equipped with thick woolen cloaks for inclement weather. Whether it’s pouring rain or blistering heat, the guards are expected to remain in position.

How Long Does a Queen’s Guard Serve?

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