How Many Times Can I Change my EasyJet Flight for Free?

Is it possible to change my EasyJet flight for free?

Yes, EasyJet provides customers with the option to change their flights, but it isn’t always free. The ability to do so without incurring additional expenses is determined by various factors, including the time prior to the scheduled flight the change is made, and the terms and conditions of your ticket.

How many times can I change my EasyJet flight for free prior to departure?

The exact number of times you can modify your flight for free will depend on the fare conditions at the time of booking. It’s recommended to check your booking’s specific conditions or contact EasyJet directly for an accurate answer.

Is there a limit to the number of free changes for Flexi fare tickets?

Yes, if you’ve chosen the Flexi fare, you can make unlimited changes to your flights without an administration fee but you will have to pay any difference in the fare.

What are the conditions for free changes with EasyJet Plus?

As an EasyJet Plus cardholder, you can make free changes to your booking 24 hours after you’ve made the initial booking.

What’s the cost for changing my EasyJet flight beyond the free limit?

If you’ve surpassed the limit for free changes, you will incur a change fee in addition to the difference in fare.

What factors affect the costs of changing my EasyJet flight?

The factors that affect the cost of changing your EasyJet flight include the fare type, the amount of time before the flight, and the difference in fare between your initial booking and the newly changed flight.

How can I change my EasyJet flight for free?

You can change your EasyJet flight for free by managing your booking online or via the EasyJet mobile app.

Are there instances where I cannot change my EasyJet flight?

If you’re within two hours of your scheduled flight departure, you will not be able to make any changes to your EasyJet flight.

Does EasyJet offer refunds if I am unable to change my flight?

Refunds are subject to EasyJet’s fare rules and conditions. It is advised to review these before cancelling your booking.

Does the free change policy apply to both international and domestic EasyJet flights?

Yes, the free change policy generally applies to both international and domestic flights unless specified otherwise in the conditions of your fare.

Is changing the name on my EasyJet booking considered a flight change?

No, a name change on a booking is not considered a flight change.

Is there a cost for changing the name on an EasyJet reservation?

Yes, there may be an administration fee to change the name on a booking.

If I made a mistake when booking my EasyJet flight, will it cost me to correct it?

If you’ve made a mistake that needs correcting within 24 hours of booking your EasyJet flight, correcting it usually won’t incur a fee.

What is the EasyJet policy on changing flights during the Covid-19 pandemic?

EasyJet is currently allowing customers to change their flights for free up to 14 days before departure due to the unpredictability of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If I change my flight within 14 days due to Covid-19, will I incur charges?

Yes, if you change your flight within 14 days of departure due to Covid-19, the normal change fees will apply.

Are there any benefits to using the EasyJet Mobile App for flight changes?

The EasyJet mobile app allows you quick access to manage your booking and make changes as necessary.

How do I contact EasyJet about changing my flight?

You can contact EasyJet’s customer support directly through their website, mobile app or by telephone.

What happens if EasyJet cancels my flight?

If EasyJet cancels your flight, they will offer you the option to change your booking to another flight free of charge or provide a refund.

What happens if EasyJet changes my flight times?

If EasyJet changes your flight times, you can accept the change, switch to another flight for free, or receive a refund.

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