Is There a Smoking Area At Manchester Airport?

Where can I find the smoking area at Manchester Airport?

Unfortunately, there are no specific smoking areas inside the terminals at Manchester Airport after security checks. The airport advises passengers to smoke outside the terminal buildings before they go through security.

Is there a smoking area outside the terminals?

Yes, there are designated smoking areas outside each terminal. You need to smoke here before you go through security because smoking is not permitted inside the terminals.

What about passengers traveling via Terminal 1?

Terminal 1 also follows the same policy. You can find the smoking area just outside the terminal. Be sure to smoke before passing through security.

Can smokers use the smoking area at Terminal 2?

Yes, Terminal 2 has a designated smoking area outside the terminal. This must be used before you continue through the security checks as you will not be allowed to smoke after this point.

What about Terminal 3?

Terminal 3 also has an outside smoking area, like the other terminals, where passengers may smoke before heading through security.

Are there any exceptions for e-cigarettes or vaping devices?

Sadly, the same rules apply to e-cigarettes and vapes. They are not allowed for use inside the terminal buildings once the security check is crossed.

Are there smoking facilities in the lounges?

No, the lounges do not offer smoking facilities. Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas outside the terminals.

How about the smoking policy at hotels near the airport?

Different hotels have different policies. It is advisable to check with your specific hotel whether they have a designated smoking area.

Can you smoke in the car park?

Yes, you may smoke in the car park but it is advisable to avoid smoking near other vehicles or anything flammable due to safety reasons.

What about smoking in the taxi ranks or stopping points?

These areas don’t have specific smoking zones, so it is recommended to smoke only in designated smoking areas to respect non-smoking passengers.

Are there penalties for smoking in non-designated areas?

Yes, smoking in non-designated areas may result in fines or other penalties, in adherence to airport policies.

What to do if I urgently need to smoke and can’t find a smoking area?

In such situations, it’s better to ask the staff for guidance. They can guide you to the nearest smoking area outside the terminal.

Can I use a smoking device on the plane?

No, all forms of smoking including e-cigarettes are not permitted on flights from Manchester Airport.

Where are the smoking areas located physically?

The smoking areas are conveniently situated just outside each terminal. They are easy to spot with clear signages.

Are there plans to introduce indoor smoking zones?

As of now, there have been no announcements by Manchester Airport to introduce indoor smoking facilities.

Is the outside smoking zone covered?

The outside smoking zones vary, some have a partial covering, while some don’t. If weather is a concern, consider checking with airport staff.

Are there seated areas in the smoking zone?

Some smoking areas have provision for seating, while others may not. It varies from terminal to terminal.

What should I do with my cigarette butts?

For the cleanliness and upkeep of the airport, please ensure to dispose of your cigarette butts in the designated bins provided.

What to do in case somebody is smoking in a non-smoking location?

If you see someone smoking in a non-designated area, you should report them to the nearest member of airport staff immediately.

Does the airport sell cigarettes or smoking devices?

Yes, depending on the terminal and the shops available, you may be able to purchase cigarettes or smoking devices from select retail outlets.

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Steve Jones

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