Asda Smart Prices – How to save more on your weekly shop by taking advantage

Asda is one of the most popular supermarkets in the country and one where you can save a quid with smart shopping tricks.

If you want to buy more on your student budget, check out these awesome money saving hacks.

1. Earn Asda Smile Vouchers

A smile voucher is an in-store voucher that gives you a 50p discount if the staff feels you deserve it. These vouchers are usually given to customers who have spent too much time in line or who want to buy something that’s out of stock. Just remember to be super nice when rising the issue.

2. Asda Smart Price

Asda has a budget line of products sold under the Smart Price name tag. According to customers, these products are just as flavourful as those branded Asda, and some even prefer the Smart Price choices in terms of taste. Undoubtedly, worth to check out.

3. Look Out for Yellow Stickers

Yellow stickers mean the products are discounted; from frozen foods close to their expiry date to fresh foods and even bread and bakery products, there are dozens of yellow label items you can buy each day and save some money.

4. Asda Credit Card Cashback

If you happen to have an Asda credit card, know that you can get up to 1% cashback on your Asda purchases and 0.1% on all other purchases. It might not seem like much, but the amount can add up to a nice saving throughout the year.

5. Asda Promotional Events

The store often runs promotional events during which they simply slice prices off. Not only you can save on your purchase during these events, but you can buy some items in bulk and save even more in the long run.

6. Add More Items to Your Online Order

While you’ll have to pay for the delivery if you shop online, you can take advantage of Asda’s order policy and add more items to your shopping list even after you’ve paid. Indeed, you can continue adding, removing, or replacing items until the day before the delivery.

7. Ask for Doorsteps Refund

If you bought something online but decide you don’t want the item anymore just before delivery, know that you can ask the delivery driver for a doorsteps refund.

8. Get an Asda Delivery Pass

It’s a fact that online shopping helps you save a lot of money, but you can save even more if you buy a Delivery Pass. A year of free deliveries costs £60, while a one-off delivery can cost you up to £6.

9. Asda Price Guarantee

If you also shop at other stores, such as Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s, it’s worth checking their prices against Asda’s. Under the Price Guarantee Scheme, Asda will give you vouchers to spend on your next purchase if the price at Asda isn’t at least 10% cheaper than its competition.

10. Join Baby and Toddler Club

If you’re a parent, you can also score great deals if you decide to join the Baby and Toddler Club. Besides exclusive discounts, you’ll also get parenting tips and advice alongside specially selected offers and a chance to win interesting prizes.

I have a number of years experience in money saving and being savvy with the pennies. I hope to bring you as many student discounts as I can get my hands on.