Understanding the In-Flight Meal Experience with TUI

What Exactly are TUI In-Flight Meals?

TUI in-flight meals are meals provided by the TUI Group airlines for their passengers during their flights. The type and quality of meals vary depending on the class of ticket – economy or premium, and the duration of the flight.

Are Meals Included in My TUI Flight Ticket?

Yes, meals are typically included in long-haul TUI flights. However, short-haul flights might not have complimentary meals, and passengers might need to purchase food and beverages.

What Sort of Meals Can I Expect on TUI Flights?

The meals on TUI flights cater to a wide variety of cuisines, focusing on a balance between nutritional value and taste. You can expect everything from salads, wraps, hot main courses, to desserts and breakfast items.

Does TUI Cater to Dietary Restrictions?

Yes, TUI does cater to various dietary restrictions. Passengers should communicate their specific dietary needs at the time of booking, in order to ensure they get suitable meals during their flight.

How Can I Order a Special Meal on TUI?

Special meals on TUI can be ordered at the time of booking or by contacting TUI’s customer service at least 48 hours before the departure.

Does TUI Provide In-Flight Meals for Children?

Yes, TUI provides special child meals that cater to the tastes and nutritional requirements of children. Again, these need to be requested in advance.

Does TUI Serve Alcoholic Beverages?

Yes, TUI does serve alcoholic beverages on their flights. The availability of alcoholic beverages may vary according to the flight duration and the type of ticket.

What is the Quality of TUI In-Flight Meals?

TUI in-flight meals are known for their quality and variety. The airline partners with quality caterers to ensure that their passengers have a pleasant dining experience during their flight.

Are Snacks Available on TUI Flights?

Yes, aside from main meals, TUI also offers a selection of snacks on both short and long-haul flights.

What is the Frequency of Meals on Long-Haul TUI Flights?

On long-haul TUI flights, meals are usually served twice – a main meal shortly after take-off, and another meal or a substantial snack just before landing.

Does TUI Serve Hot or Cold Meals?

TUI serves both hot and cold meals, depending on the flight duration and time.

Is there a Menu Available for TUI In-Flight Meals?

There is generally no menu for economy class passengers. For premium class passengers, menus are distributed for them to make their selection.

Can I Choose My Meal in Advance On TUI Flights?

Currently, TUI doesn’t provide an option for standard meal pre-selection. However, passengers can order special meals, according to their dietary requirements in advance.

Are TUI In-Flight Meals Free?

Yes, for long-haul flights, in-flight meals are typically included in the ticket price. However, for shorter flights or specific fare types, meal services might come at an additional cost.

Does TUI Offer a Variety of Drinks?

Yes, TUI offers a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee, wine, beer and spirits.

Are TUI In-Flight Meals Healthy?

TUI aims to provide balanced and nutritious meals to their passengers. They often include fresh fruits, salads, and lean proteins in their meals.

Does TUI Provide Vegetarian Options?

Yes, TUI offers vegetarian options as part of their special meal preferences. Passengers need to request these meals in advance.

Are TUI In-Flight Meals Halal?

TUI does offer Halal meals for passengers who need them, however, these should be requested at the time of booking or well before the flight.

Can I Bring My Own Meals On TUI Flights?

Passengers are allowed to carry their own snacks on board. However, any beverage should be bought after going through the security check at the airport.

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