Unraveling the Ryanair Liquid Policy: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Ryanair Liquid Policy?

Ryanair, like other airlines, follows the standard liquid regulations established by the European Security Agency. Passengers can carry liquids in containers up to 100ml in their hand luggage due to safety and security reasons.

Does Ryanair Have Strict Liquid Rules?

Yes, Ryanair adheres strictly to the liquid rules set by the European Union and expects passengers to do same. All liquids, including gels, pastes, lotions, liquid-solid mixtures, and containers with liquid contents should all not exceed the 100ml limit.

Can I Bring Drinks on Ryanair?

Yes, you can bring drinks on Ryanair. However, the container must be 100ml or less and it needs to fit into a re-sealable plastic bag of not more than one liter in capacity. Any drink purchased after the security control can be taken on board.

Can I Take Perfume on Ryanair?

Yes, you can take perfume on Ryanair. The same liquid rules apply. The perfume must be in a container of 100ml or less and fit within a one-liter re-sealable plastic bag along with any other liquids.

Are Medicines Exempted from These Liquid Regulations?

Essential medicines are exempted from the liquid rules but only for the duration of the trip. They may need to be verified at security so it’s advisable to bring a document from a medical professional detailing your need for the medicine.

Can I Bring Baby Formula on Ryanair Flights?

Yes, Ryanair allows baby food, formula, milk, water for the baby, and breast milk in the cabin. If you are traveling with an infant, you’re allowed to carry enough baby food for your trip.

How Stringent Is Ryanair about the One-Liter Bag Size for Liquids?

Ryanair strictly follows the one-liter bag size rule for liquids. It is essential that all containers must fit comfortably in the transparent bag and must be sealed effectively.

Can I Pack Liquids in my Checked Luggage on Ryanair Flights?

Yes, you are allowed to pack liquids in larger quantities in your checked luggage on Ryanair flights. There are no restrictions on liquid size in checked bags, unless it violates safety regulations such as flammable liquids.

Can I Bring Duty-Free Liquor on a Ryanair Flight?

Yes, it’s permitted to bring duty-free liquor on board a Ryanair flight. Remember to keep your receipt of purchase and make sure the duty-free shop seals your liquor in a tamper-evident bag if you have a connecting flight and will need to go through security again.

Can I Bring Cosmetics on a Ryanair flight?

Yes, you can bring cosmetics on a Ryanair flight in your hand luggage but they must comply with the liquid rules and be in containers of 100 ml or less and placed inside a one-liter transparent re-sealable bag.

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