What Affects the Extra Baggage Cost on British Airways (BA)?

What Are BA Extra Baggage Costs?

Extra baggage costs on BA, or British Airways, depend on several factors, including the weight and size of the luggage, the route of the flight, and the class of the ticket. Passengers can save on these costs by paying for additional baggage during booking or before arriving at the airport.

How Can I Calculate BA’s Extra Baggage Costs?

You can calculate BA’s extra baggage costs by using the airline’s online baggage calculator. You just need to input your departure and arrival destinations, class of travel, and the number, size, and weight of the bags.

Does BA Charge for Overweight Baggage?

Yes, BA charges an overweight baggage fee for each bag that exceeds the airline’s standard baggage weight limit but is still under the maximum allowable weight. The exact fee varies depending on the route.

Can I Pre-Pay for BA Extra Baggage?

Yes, you can pre-pay for BA extra baggage at a reduced rate through the airline’s website or customer service hotline. However, this service is unavailable within six hours of flight departure.

What is the Cost for Extra Baggage at the Airport?

The cost for extra baggage at the airport is higher than pre-paying online. The exact cost depends on your route and the weight of your additional baggage.

How Many Pieces of Baggage Can I Check-In with BA?

The number of bags you can check-in with BA depends on your cabin class. For example, passengers in economy class can check-in one bag for free while those in business class can check-in two bags for free.

What are the Size Limits for BA Baggage?

The maximum dimensions for each checked bag with BA are 90cm x 75cm x 43cm, including the handle, pockets, and wheels. Bags that exceed these dimensions may incur oversize baggage fees.

Does BA Allow Excess Baggage for Infants?

Yes, BA allows passengers traveling with infants to check in one bag for the infant for free, in addition to a collapsible stroller and car seat.

What Will Happen if My Baggage Exceeds the Allowed Size and Weight Limit?

If your baggage exceeds BA’s size and weight limit, you will have to pay an excess baggage fee. If it grossly exceeds the limit, BA may refuse to carry it.

Can I Get a Refund for BA Extra Baggage?

Yes, you can get a refund for BA extra baggage only if you cancel your flight and the extra baggage. The refund will exclude any service charges incurred.

Can I Increase My BA Baggage Allowance?

Yes, you can increase your baggage allowance when booking or managing your flight on BA’s website. You can also contact BA’s customer service to adjust your luggage allowance.

Are Sporting Items Considered Extra Baggage?

Sporting equipment such as skis, golf clubs, and bicycles can be included in your free baggage allowance as long as they meet BA’s size and weight regulations. If they exceed, they will be considered extra baggage and will incur a fee.

Does BA Charge for Extra Hand Baggage?

No, BA does not usually charge for extra hand baggage. However, all carry-on items must fit within the airline’s size and weight limits.

What’s Included in BA’s Basic Euro Traveller Fare?

BA’s basic Euro Traveller fare includes one piece of hand baggage and a small handbag or laptop bag. Checked baggage is not included in this fare and must be paid for separately.

Can I Transfer My BA Baggage Allowance to Another Passenger?

No, BA baggage allowances are non-transferable between passengers.

Can I Share My BA Baggage Allowance with a Travel Companion?

Yes, on BA you can share your baggage allowance with people in the same booking. However, no bag can exceed the individual maximum weight limit.

Are Musical Instruments Considered Extra Baggage on BA?

Small musical instruments can be carried as hand baggage, while larger ones may need to be checked in.

How Can I Pay for BA Extra Baggage?

You can pay for BA extra baggage during booking, through “Manage My Booking” on the BA website, or at the airport.

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