What are the Best Seats on EasyJet?

What are the Best Seats on EasyJet?

EasyJet offers a variety of seating options to cater all types of travelers. But, one might wonder, which of these are the best seats? Let us dive into this topic and answer some common questions regarding seating on EasyJet flights.

What are the Most Popular Seat Choices on EasyJet?

Extra legroom seats, which are typically located at the front of the aircraft or emergency exit rows of the aircraft, are amongst the most popular choices for passengers. Similarly, the front row seats are popular due to the convenience factor of being the first off the aircraft upon arrival.

Are All Seats on EasyJet the Same?

No, not all seats are the same on EasyJet. The airline offers standard seats, extra legroom seats and up front seats. Each seat type offers different benefits.

What Sections Have the Best Seats on an EasyJet Flight?

The best seats are generally considered to be those with extra legroom, located in rows 1, 12, and 13.

Why Should I Choose an Extra Legroom Seat?

In addition to more space, you also get the convenience of being one of the first off the plane.

How Can I Book the Best Seats on EasyJet?

You can select your seat while booking your flight online or you can also change your seat later via your EasyJet account. Seats are subject to availability.

Is There an Extra Cost for Best Seats?

Yes, the best seats such as extra legroom and up front seats do come at an additional cost.

What are the Benefits of Up Front Seats?

Aside from extra legroom, up front seats offer fast track security, dedicated bag drop and speedy boarding benefits.

What Does Speedy Boarding Mean?

Speedy Boarding is an EasyJet service that allows passengers that purchased the service to be amongst the first to board the flight.

Can I Change My Seat After Booking?

Yes, you can change your seat after booking your flight. However, you will need to pay any difference in seat price.

Is the Up Front Seat Worth the Extra Cost?

That depends on the individual. If you value extra legroom, early boarding, and fast track security, it might be worth the additional cost.

Is there a Best Seat for Families?

Many families find the front and emergency exit rows the best as they offer extra room for children and quick access to exits and restrooms.

Is there a Best Seat for Business Travelers?

Business travelers often prefer up front seats for the added benefits of speedy boarding and fast track security.

Which Seats Offer the Best View?

Window seats usually offer the best views, though this can depend on the flight route and weather conditions.

Are the Middle Seats as Comfortable?

Comfort can be subjective and depend on individual preferences, but middle seats typically do not provide the same degree of comfort or views as window or aisle seats.

Is it Possible to Get a Good Seat During Check-In?

While possible, your preferred seats may be already booked by passengers who opted to choose their seats at the time of booking. Therefore, it is recommended to book your preferred seat in advance.

Can the Flight Crew Help Me Find a Better Seat Onboard?

The flight crew can assist you depending on the flight’s occupancy, however, they can’t guarantee to move you to a better seat, especially if the flight is fully booked.

Do the Best Seats Get Booked Quickly?

Yes, desired seats like window, aisle, front row and emergency exit seats get booked quickly due to their benefits. Therefore, it’s better to book early if you want your seat of choice.

Is There a Specific Time to Book the Best Seats?

No specific time as such, but it is recommended to book your seat as soon as possible for the best selection.

Will EasyJet Inform Me if the Seat I Selected is Not the Best?

No, EasyJet will not inform you if your selected seat isn’t considered the ‘best’. Ultimately, the choice is up to passenger preference.

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