What Are the Ryanair Liquid Restrictions for Passengers?

Are there specific restrictions for liquids on Ryanair flights?

Yes, there are specific restrictions on the quantities and packaging of liquids that passengers can carry onto Ryanair flights. These rules align with those enforced by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

What is the maximum permitted size of liquid containers on Ryanair planes?

The maximum size of a liquid container permissible on Ryanair flights is 100ml. No matter the contents, anything exceeding this size needs to be checked into the hold.

How should I pack liquids in my hand luggage?

All liquid containers should fit comfortably into a clear, re-sealable plastic bag. The total volume of the bag must not exceed one liter and it needs to close securely.

Can I bring multiple containers of liquid in my hand luggage?

Yes, you can carry multiple containers of liquid as long as each one doesn’t exceed 100ml and they all fit into the same 1L transparent plastic bag.

What defines a liquid under Ryanair’s policy?

Under Ryanair’s liquid policy, everything from drinks, creams, gels, pastes, lotions, perfumes, sprays, aerosols, to any items of similar consistency is considered as a liquid.

Can medicine and baby milk/foods exceed the liquid restrictions?

Yes, exemptions apply for essential medicines and baby milk/foods. However, these should only be in quantities necessary for the trip.

What about duty-free purchase liquids?

Duty-free purchases, including beverages and perfumes, can exceed liquid restrictions if they are in ICAO approved STEBs (secure tamper-evident bags) along with proof of purchase.

Should I declare my duty-free liquid purchases when boarding?

Though it isn’t mandatory, it’s prudent to inform the security officer about such purchases to avoid any misconceptions.

How about toiletries like deodorants, and shampoos?

Toiletries like deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and toothpaste are also considered liquids. They must not exceed the 100ml per item limit and fit within the 1L bag.

Can I carry contact lens solution?

Contact lens solution, being a liquid, also falls under these restrictions. Carry only the amount needed for the duration of the trip.

Can I carry liquid cosmetics?

Liquid cosmetics like lip gloss, cream blusher, foundation, and mascara also fall under the liquid restrictions and must adhere to the 100ml limit.

Does the liquid restriction apply to solid cosmetics?

No, solid cosmetics like lipstick, powdered makeup, and beauty blotters are exempt from these restrictions.

Does Ryanair provide any options for those unaware of these restrictions?

Yes, passengers unaware of these restrictions can opt to ship their excess liquids, use Ryanair’s “Rescue Fee” service, or discard the offending items.

Is there a possibility of easing these liquid restrictions?

Currently, there are no official discussions to ease the liquid restrictions for Ryanair passengers.

What happens to liquids over the limit?

Liquids that exceed the restrictions are not permitted beyond the security check and will have to be left behind.

How strictly is the liquid policy enforced by Ryanair?

Ryanair has a reputation for strictly enforcing these policies to ensure passenger safety and comply with international regulations.

Is the 100ml restriction applicable only for flights within Europe?

No, the 100ml restriction for liquids in hand luggage applies to all Ryanair flights, regardless of destination.

Can I carry alcoholic beverages in my hand luggage?

As long as they are within the 100ml limit in a 1L clear resealable bag, passengers may carry alcoholic beverages. Duty-free purchases are exempt but must be sealed as per the specified conditions.

I have a connecting flight with Ryanair, how do liquid rules apply?

In case of connecting flights, passengers should consider the liquid restrictions of both airlines. If your liquids do not comply with Ryanair’s regulations, they may be confiscated at the transfer checkpoint.

Can the resealable bag be any clear plastic bag?

The bag must be transparent and resealable.

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