What is EasyJet Fast Track and How Does It Benefit Travellers?

What is EasyJet Fast Track?

EasyJet Fast Track is a service that allows passengers to skip the long queues at airport security. By purchasing a Fast Track pass, travellers can use a separate, often shorter, line to get through security checks more quickly.

How can I purchase an EasyJet Fast Track pass?

Fast Track passes can be purchased when booking your flight with EasyJet. They can also be bought separately from the EasyJet website or on arrival at the airport, although availability may be limited.

Do I need to travel with EasyJet to use Fast Track?

Fast Track passes are generally exclusive to EasyJet customers. Therefore, you’d likely need to be flying with EasyJet to use this service.

How much does an EasyJet Fast Track pass cost?

The cost of a Fast Track pass varies depending on the airport and the time of year. It is best to check the EasyJet website for the most accurate information.

Can I get a refund for my Fast Track pass if I don’t use it?

It’s usually not easy to get a refund for a Fast Track pass, but the specific terms and conditions may vary. Contact EasyJet’s customer service for the most accurate information.

Can all airports accommodate EasyJet’s Fast Track service?

Not all airports offer the Fast Track service. You should check the EasyJet website for a list of participating airports.

Does EasyJet Fast Track include priority boarding?

Fast Track only includes quicker access through airport security. Priority boarding is a separate service provided by EasyJet and can be purchased in addition to the Fast Track pass.

Can I use Fast Track if I have special needs or require assistance?

Fast Track is designed to make airport security quicker and more efficient for all customers. If you have mobility issues or other special needs, contact the airline or airport to ensure their Fast Track service can cater to your needs.

Does Fast Track apply to my luggage too?

No, Fast Track only applies to the passenger. Any check-in bags or accompanying luggage still needs to go through regular security screenings.

What should I do if I lose my Fast Track pass?

If you’ve lost your Fast Track pass, contact EasyJet’s customer service for a replacement. In many cases, your pass might be digitally attached to your booking, so you might not need a physical pass.

Does Fast Track cover custom checks as well?

No, Fast Track is only for security checks before departures. Custom checks during arrivals are separate and are not fast-tracked.

What happens if I miss my flight despite having Fast Track?

Even with a Fast Track pass, it is still your responsibility to ensure you reach the boarding gate on time. If you miss your flight, the Fast Track fee will not be refunded. You must make alternative travel arrangements.

What if the Fast Track lane is longer than the standard one?

The Fast Track lane is typically shorter and faster than the standard security lane. However, in such rare cases, as a Fast Track pass holder, it is usually still quicker to stay in the Fast Track line.

Can I buy an EasyJet Fast Track pass as a gift?

Yes, you should be able to purchase a Fast Track pass as a gift. However, the recipient should be an EasyJet passenger.

Can I get a family pack with EasyJet Fast Track?

Yes, EasyJet does provide options for families to purchase Fast Track passes. For more details, refer to the EasyJet website.

Is Fast Track only for international flights?

Fast Track can be used for both domestic and international flights as it pertains to the speed of security checks at the airport.

Is EasyJet Fast Track worth it?

The value of a Fast Track pass largely depends on how valuable your time is at the airport and how busy the airport typically is. If it’s a busy airport, or if you’d rather not spend time waiting in queues, it might be very worth it.

Do frequent EasyJet flyers get Fast Track for free?

Currently, EasyJet does not offer Fast Track service for free to their frequent flyers. However, they do offer package deals that could include Fast Track and other services.

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