What is the Meaning of Hold Luggage?

What is the Meaning of Hold Luggage?

Hold luggage, also known as checked luggage, refers to the baggage that is transported in the hold of an aircraft during a flight. This is separate from hand or cabin luggage which passengers carry with them onto the plane.

Why is it Called Hold Luggage?

The term “hold luggage” is derived from the fact that these bags are stored in the aircraft’s hold, a specially designed area of the plane for storing checked baggage and freight.

What can be Included in Hold Luggage?

Items that are typically too large or heavy for cabin luggage can be included in hold luggage. This might include large suitcases, outdoor equipment, musical instruments, and sometimes even pets in approved carriers.

Are There Any Restrictions for Hold Luggage?

Yes, all airlines impose restrictions on both weight and size of hold luggage. Some potentially dangerous goods, like flammable liquids or weapons, are also never allowed in hold luggage.

How is Hold Luggage Different from Hand Luggage?

Hold luggage is often larger, is checked in, and is not accessible during the flight, unlike hand luggage which you take onboard with you.

Is There a Limit to the Amount of Hold Luggage I Can Bring?

Yes, this depends on the airline and also the type of ticket you have purchased. It is important to check with the airline before your journey.

Do All Passengers Have the Same Hold Luggage Allowance?

No, this varies depending on ticket type, airline, and sometimes route travelled.

Can I Bring Electronics in my Hold Luggage?

Yes, but this is advised against due to potential damage and theft. It’s usually best to carry these in your hand luggage.

Can I Pack Food in my Hold Luggage?

Yes, however, restrictions can apply particularly in terms of entering different countries. It is advised to check before you fly.

What’s the Average Limit for Hold Luggage?

The average limit tends to be around 20kg-23kg but this varies between airlines.

Can I Bring Medication in my Hold Luggage?

Yes, however it is recommended to keep essential medication in your hand luggage where it is easily accessible.

Can I Pack Liquids in my Hold Luggage?

Yes, the restrictions on liquids only apply to hand luggage. However, remember that flammable or hazardous liquids are not allowed.

What Happens If My Hold Luggage Exceeds the Weight Limit?

You may have to pay an extra fee if your hold luggage exceeds the weight limit set by the airline.

Is Hold Luggage Scanned?

Yes, hold luggage goes through a security-screening process before being loaded onto the plane.

How Early Should I Check-in my Hold Luggage?

Most airlines request that passengers check in their hold luggage at least an hour before international flights.

Can I Lock my Hold Luggage?

Yes, however it’s recommended to use TSA-approved locks that security officers can open if needed.

What Happens If My Hold Luggage is Lost?

If your hold luggage is lost, you should report it to the airline as soon as possible.

Can I Track my Hold Luggage?

Some airlines do offer tracking services. There are also independent devices available that can track your luggage.

Who is Responsible for Transferring my Hold Luggage if I Have a Connecting Flight?

The airline is usually responsible for transferring your hold luggage to your connecting flight.

What Should I Do If My Hold Luggage is Damaged?

If your hold luggage is damaged during transport, you should report this to the airline before leaving the airport. You may be entitled to compensation.

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