What is TUI’s long haul entertainment like?

What is TUI’s long haul Entertainment?

TUI’s long haul flight entertainment consists of several world-class amenities such as in-flight movies, music, TV series, and games that cater to all ages.

What types of In-Flight Movies Are Offered?

TUI provides a wide selection of in-flight movies that cater to all tastes. This includes blockbuster hits, timeless classics, and kids’ favorites.

Are There Any TV Series?

Yes, TUI offers a variety of TV series in their in-flight entertainment portfolio. Ranging from sitcoms, dramas, reality TV shows, and documentaries, there’s something for everyone.

What about Music?

Their in-flight music service offers a variety of genres including pop, rock, country, electronic, classical and more.

Are Games Included in TUI’s Entertainment?

Indeed, passengers can enjoy a range of games in the TUI inflight entertainment system. This makes the long-haul flight more entertaining for both kids and adults.

Is The Entertainment Free of Charge?

Yes, TUI’s in-flight entertainment is included in the cost of your long haul flight. There are no additional charges.

What Language Are The Movies In?

Most movies and TV shows on TUI flights are offered in English. However, some flights may offer films and shows in multiple languages.

Are there Any Interactive Entertainment Options?

Yes, TUI offers interactive games as a part of their in-flight entertainment system which includes classic and new games.

Is there an Option for Kids’ Entertainment?

Yes, TUI pays special attention to its junior customers by providing a selection of children’s movies, TV shows, and games.

Can I Control What I watch or Listen To?

Yes, all TUI long-haul flights have personal screens where you can select and control what you watch or listen to at your own leisure.

Do I need My Own Headphones?

Yes, it is advised to bring your own headphones, although TUI also provides headphones on their long haul flights.

Can I Pause or Rewind what I am Watching?

Yes, the In-flight entertainment system allows passengers to pause, rewind and fast-forward their chosen entertainment.

How Often Is The Entertainment Updated?

TUI aims to update its in-flight entertainment monthly. This ensures passengers get a variety of new and varied content on each flight.

Does TUI’s Entertainment Include International Films?

Yes, TUI’s long-haul entertainment includes a variety of international films.

Can I Access In-Flight Entertainment on Short Haul Flights?

TUI’s in-flight entertainment system is available only on long-haul flights.

What if I Have Special Viewing Needs?

TUI works to ensure all passengers have an enjoyable flight and addresses individual needs on case-by-case basis. Thus, it’s recommended to inform TUI of any special needs beforehand.

Is TUI’s Entertainment System Easy To Use?

Yes, TUI’s entertainment system has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

Can I Access WIFI during my Flight?

On certain long-haul flights, TUI provides Wi-Fi access for an additional charge.

Does The Entertainment System Have a “dark mode” for Night Flights?

Yes, TUI’s in-flight entertainment system does have a “dark mode” option to lessen light disturbance during night flights.

Does TUI Provide In-Flight Reading Material?

Yes, TUI provides in-flight magazines along with its digital entertainment. The range includes travel, lifestyle, destination guides and more.

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