What to Expect from Tui In-Flight Meals?

What are Tui in-flight meals?

Tui in-flight meals denote the selection of food and beverages that Tui, a popular British leisure travel group, offers to their passengers during flights. The array of offerings can vary based on the length of the flight, the class of service, and dietary restrictions of the passengers.

Are Tui in-flight meals included in the ticket price?

Yes, Tui includes in-flight meals in the ticket price for their long-haul flights. However, for short-haul or medium-haul flights, meals may need to be pre-ordered for an additional charge.

What kind of meals does Tui offer on its flights?

Tui offers a range of meal options on its flights, which can include breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks, and special meals addressing various dietary requirements.

Can I pre-order special meals with Tui?

Yes, special meals such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, and meals adhering to religious requirements can be pre-ordered on Tui flights.

How early do I need to pre-order special meals?

Special meals should ideally be pre-ordered at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.

Does Tui provide in-flight meals on all its routes?

While all long-haul Tui flights include in-flight meals, the same may not be true for short-haul or medium-haul flights.

Can I bring my own food on a Tui flight?

As per Tui’s policy, passengers are allowed to bring their own food on board. However, the consumption of your own alcohol is strictly prohibited due to aviation regulations.

What can I expect from a Tui long-haul flight meal?

Typically, a long-haul flight meal on Tui includes a three-course meal and a light snack or breakfast before landing. Hot beverages and a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also included.

Are children’s meals available on Tui flights?

Yes, Tui provides children’s meals on their flights, which can be pre-ordered before travel.

Are in-flight meals served throughout the flight?

In-flight meals are generally served at set times during the flight, typically an hour after take-off and about two hours before landing in the case of long-haul flights.

How is the quality of Tui in-flight meals?

Tui has partnered with reputed catering services to maintain a high standard of in-flight meals. The emphasis is on healthy, tasty and well-presented meal options that cater to a wide range of tastes and dietary needs.

Can I order extra meals during the flight?

Extra meals can be ordered pending availability and will incur an extra charge. This should ideally be done when booking flights or up to 48 hours before departure.

Are there any drinks available during the flight?

Yes, Tui offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during the flight which are included in the meal offering for long-haul journeys and can be purchased separately on shorter flights.

Can infants receive special meals on Tui flights?

Yes, baby meals can be pre-ordered on Tui flights, typically consisting of jarred baby food.

What happens if I forget to pre-order a special meal?

If a passenger forgets to pre-order a special meal, they can contact Tui officials to check the availability of special meals on the flight. However, availability cannot be guaranteed without pre-ordering.

Do Tui in-flight meals accommodate allergy restrictions?

Yes, Tui in-flight meals can accommodate certain allergy restrictions including nuts, gluten, and dairy. These have to be specified while pre-ordering meals.

Is it possible to request a specific meal from the Tui in-flight menu?

While you cannot request specific meals from the in-flight menu, Tui offers a range of pre-order meals catering to different tastes and diets that you can choose from.

Can I ask for seconds of the in-flight meal?

While every effort is made to ensure passengers are well-fed, asking for seconds of the in-flight meal may not be possible due to limited availability.

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