What You Need to Know if You Forgot Your National Trust Card

Can I Still Access National Trust Properties If I Forgot My Card?

Yes, you can still access National Trust properties if you forgot your card. You will need to provide your membership number and a valid form of photo identification upon entry.

What is the National Trust Card?

The National Trust Card is a membership card that grants you entry to over 500 sites in the UK managed by the National Trust, including historic houses, gardens, and national parks.

What Should I Do If I Lose My National Trust Card?

If you lose your National Trust card, you should immediately contact the National Trust’s Member Services. They will provide you with a replacement card.

Is There a Digital Version of the National Trust Card?

Yes, the National Trust offers a digital membership card that can be downloaded to your smartphone. This provides a convenient alternative if you forget your physical card.

Can I Enter a National Trust Site Without a Card if I’m a Member?

Yes, members can enter National Trust sites without a card, provided they can provide their membership number and a form of photo ID.

What Benefits Does the National Trust Card Offer?

The National Trust Card offers free entry to National Trust sites, free parking at most Trust car parks, and a range of discounts in the Trust’s gift shops and cafes.

Can Family Members use My Card if I Forgot it?

No, National Trust cards are issued to specific individuals and are therefore non-transferrable.

What to Do if I Forgot My Card but I Don’t Remember My Membership Number?

If you forgot your card and do not recall your membership number, contacting the National Trust’s member services for assistance is your best option.

Can I Pay for Entry If I Forgot My National Trust Card?

Yes, if you do not have your card or membership details, you can pay for entry at National Trust sites.

How Can I Avoid Forgetting My National Trust Card?

Consider downloading the digital membership card on your smartphone as a backup. Also, keep your card in a secure and easily remembered place.

Can I Get a Replacement Card On-Site If I Forget Mine?

No, replacement cards are not typically provided on-site. You will need to contact the National Trust’s member services for a replacement card.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Replacement Card?

The timeframe to receive a replacement card can vary. Please check with the National Trust’s member services for accurate information.

Is There a Fee for a Replacement National Trust Card?

There may be a fee for a replacement card. Again, contacting member services will provide the most accurate information.

Can I Still Access Special Events If I Forgot My Card?

Yes, as long as you can provide your membership number and ID. However, some special events may require additional tickets in addition to your membership.

Can Children Enter the National Trust Sites if their Parents Forgot the Card?

Yes, as long as the parent can provide their membership number and photo ID, children under the membership can enter the site.

What If I Have a Dual Membership and I Forgot My Card?

As with individual memberships, you can enter as long as you can provide your membership number and photo ID.

Does the Digital Card Hold the Same Value as the Physical Card?

Yes, the digital card holds the same value and provides the same benefits as the physical card.

What Information Is Needed Alongside the Membership Number for Entry?

You may need to provide a valid photo ID alongside your membership number for entry.

Are There Any Exceptions to Accessing the National Trust Sites Without a Card?

There may be unique situations or sites that require a physical card. In such cases, it’s advised to contact the specific site or Trust’s member services for clarification.

Can I Still Use the Parking Benefits If I Forgot My Card?

Yes, as a National Trust member, you can use the parking benefits as long as you can provide your membership number and photo ID.

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